Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea – Highlights & Full Match

Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 4 January 2017
Stadium: White Hart Lane (London)

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  1. This web’s dead. Been here since Sunday and tried all of the method above disabling adblock etc. Video still not there

  2. Dear Admin, why i am just seeing image? No play button is available. I am not able to play video since 2-3 weeks. Please fix this.

  3. cutting left and right, ball at his feet
    sign a new deal with spurs, no easy feat
    first name christian, last name eriksen
    long shots and dribbling, with that vision
    magician, maestro, simply of denmark
    one free kick upper 90, boom there’s the spark!

    • Keep at it, my friend. Some tenuous rhymes but that’s ok,

      There’s a style, a vision (doesn’t deserve derision)
      So keep on rhyming, even when there’s no reason
      we’ll see where we are at the end of the season.

      Azy, you ain’t lazy (EYHO Muhammad Ali).