Balotelli gets banned and fined for racism

Balotelli gets banned and fined for racism

It is not a top-news to hear Mario Balotelli was involved in some form of off-the-field incident, not even that he is fined or banned. However, he sets new heights with the most recent one.

FA fined the Italian with 25.000 pounds and an educational class, but the most important part of the fine is that he is banned for one game and will miss an important game his team is playing at the weekend – against Arsenal, in what should be another game that could decide future of Brendan Rodgers at the Merseyside.

That is an epilogue of his, as FA ruled out, anti-Semitic tweet which he deleted almost immediately and apologized a few times afterwards, most recently today, but an investigation took place, so he was fined as a result. The most interesting thing is that Balotelli, unlike a lot of times in the past, haven’t really crossed the line, since his tweet was, not surprisingly, directed to himself.

The controversial Mario Balotelli tweet

The question that increasingly arises is whether an Italian is good enough to be endured repeatedly, especially because his performance is well below of what Brendan Rodgers is expecting from replacement for Luis Suarez.

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