Goal-fests in Frankfurt and Rotterdam (VIDEO)

PSV vs Feyenoord Goal Fest

Wednesday night maybe didn’t bring us a lot of games, but it brought two extremely exciting ones.

In the postponed derby of Eredivisie, PSV welcomed Feyenoord in what was happened to be probably the last chance for the guests to try to stay in the title-race. For that to happen, they had needed a victory and they were close to it at the half time. However, second half turned an interesting game into a memorable one.

A few hundred miles to the east, a regular round of Bundesliga was being played. The game which was not the most attractive one on the paper appeared to be one of the games of the season. Frankfurt welcomed Hertha Berlin in a goal-fest that finished as no one could have expected after forty minutes. Two late goals from Alexander Meier in extra time brought an extreme joy to the home fans.


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