Petr Cech’s double save in training

Petr Cech saves twice in a row in a training session for Arsenal.


Aaron Ramsey believes signing Petr Cech might be one of the most important signing which could lead them to a Premier League title. Arsene Wenger knows he has signed a winner in Petr Cech who has had the Premier League and Champions League medal around his neck.

petr-cech_2 Petr-Cech-Penalty-Chelsea-Champions-League-fi_2767959

Cech moved from Chelsea to Arsenal in search of regular football as he was too good to be a second choice keeper at any club. After looking at this, its sure he was too good to benched.

Petr Cech seems back his brilliant best as he saves twice in a training session for Arsenal.

Cech was benched for much of last season for Chelsea as manager Jose Mourinho chose Thibaut Cortuois over the Czech international but Cech decided to move on and moved to Arsenal this summer.


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