Fan steals Modric’s cap

Real Madrid fans steal the cap of Luka Modric while he is signing autographs in Australia


Luka Modric is regarded one of the best midfielders in the game. He is known for his shots from distance but he might have wanted to be at distance in this case.

Luka Modric’s hat is stolen by a fan

The Croatian is in Australia with Real Madrid who are touring the country for their pre-season training.

The players have to commit to some responsibilities and that includes interacting with fans and signing autographs but Modric surely didn’t sign up to get mobbed or get his hat stolen at least.

The 29-year-old can be seen signing Madrid jerseys when one fan decided to steal the cap he was wearing. The player seemed shocked at first but then went on to sign a few more shirts before entering the tunnel.

The fan who snatched the cap seemed very happy. Of course he should be. After all, you don’t get to steal Luka Modric’s cap everyday.


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