Joel Campbell’s solo run from the halfway line

Joel Campbell starts a mazy run from the halfway line and almost scores a goal to remember only to be denied by the goalkeeper.


Arsenal are said to be in need of a striker. They have been linked with the likes of Karim Benzema this summer to fill the striker’s void which exists in the squad. Such rumours, however, have been rubbished by the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

While Arsenal fans can’t understand why the manager doesn’t feel the need for a new striker, some people thinks young Joel Campbell might be the solution.

Joel Campbell to fill the striker’s void at Arsenal?

Campbell has shown in the past how deadly he can be in front of the goal with some extraordinary performances including the one against Manchester United 2 years ago, where he scored the brace in Olympiakos’s 2-0 victory over Manchester United.

The Arsenal striker has been denied good chances to prove himself at Arsenal but he has showed his value at all the clubs he has been loaned to, including Olympiakos and Villarreal..

His latest solo run against Mexico is just another example of that. The striker started a mazy run and almost scored a goal to remember only to be denied by the goalkeeper. Costa Rica, however, lost the game after a controversial penalty decision in the 121st minute. He might be hoping that his club’s manager and fans watch this match and especially his run.

Watch the video below.


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