Adidas and Man United kit launch the best in history

Adidas and Manchester United announce the kit launch best ever in the club's and brand's history.

Adidas and Manchester United set out to ‘break expectations’ when they signed a deal worth £750 million for 10 years which would ensure United getting £75 million every year from their kit sponsors alone for the next 10 years.
Figures of various club deals topped by Manchester United
Figures of various club deals topped by Manchester United
Even Manchester United store which is located in the heart of the city confirmed that they sold out a few week’s target of kits in a few days only. Also many Adidas retailers around the world have showed a 200% rise from last year’s figures which are staggering which speaks volumes of the club’s brand and foothold in the business apart from matters on the pitch. Richard Arnold, Managing Director of Manchester United had this to say on the successful start to this new partnership: “Partnering with Adidas, we had high expectations; quality innovative kit, superb marketing, world beating distribution, a deep understanding of our history and our fans.  Adidas have not broken those expectations, they have smashed them.  The kit has resonated with our fans, both with its nod to our history and the quality of its construction.  We already have further exciting and iconic developments ahead and like our fans, I am excited about the next decade, on and off the pitch.” While United as a brand are performing successfully off the field, manager Louis van Gaal is making sure they show results where it really matters ie on the field. United are unbeaten so far having beaten Tottenham, Aston Villa and Club Brugge so far.


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