Diego Costa: Is he a fighter or a con-man?

A lot has been said about Diego Costa and Jose Mourinho over the last week. After Chelsea’s striker behaviour in the 2-0 win over Arsenal, everyone seems to have an opinion about him. Some support him; some think that he went over the line this time and some absolutely detest him. Diego Costa fight

Well like everyone else, I am also going to express my opinion about him. I believe when it comes to football, there is a very fine line between the so much talked about ‘old-school’ fighting spirit and cheating.

I see no problem with crunching tackles, sledging and pushing your opponent to the limit, but cheating is a huge no for me. I hate it when players dive; I hate it when they brandish fake cards in the face of referee; I hate it when they crowd the referee; I hate it when they fall down like a house of cards on the slightest of touches and above all I hate it when they try to get their fellow player, even though he’s an opponent, sent off.

When justifying Costa’s actions, people talk about modern football losing the edge of yesteryears, how it has gotten soft in recent years. Well, sometimes Costa is just the exact opposite of that ‘edge’. He’s not a fighter; he’s a con-man. And I believe his actions that day ruined a perfect game of football for everyone. Well, obviously not Chelsea fans, and I’m sure the odds in football betting at William Hill could also tell.

To make matters worse, Blues’ manager Jose Mourinho justified Costa’s actions after the game and even called him the ‘Man of the Match’. He mentioned that derbies are supposed to be played in this manner. I have no doubt that Mourinho is one of the best managers of the modern times, but he can be an arrogant tool sometimes. And this time he kicked all the logic out of the window. And because of this irritating mix of arrogance and ignorance, I believe that one day might become the best manager in football, but he will never be considered as a legend.

Diego Costa Mourinho

Every season he seems to make new enemies in football. Maybe that’s the kind of person he is; he thrives on hate. 

But one good thing did come off that game. The media attention it received must have made every referee aware of the kind of player Diego Costa is.

And I sincerely hope that he doesn’t get away with this kind of behaviour in future.

There ends my rant!


  1. In my opinion neither of them, Costa or Mourinho deserve to be part of The Premier Leage, specially Mourinho that enable this type of players to transform a beautiful game in an unpleasent and despicable game. Totally agree with your rant

  2. Okay..

    and your point is?

    Goodness me…another dude who’s got his knickers in a right twist, ’cause he wasn’t hugged enough as a child.

    You’ve got an opinion..Great!

    You’ve gone and plastered your opinion out on the internet..Oh, aren’t you a clever guy!

    Bottom-line : you’re just another person, with just another opinion…Neither of which, matters in any context, whatsoever.

    So kindly keep rantin’, and watch while the entire world polulace sit around, and NOT GIVE A F**K.


    What a moron.

  3. Sorry Steve, but you’ve only succeeded in making yourself look like a moron. (a verbose moron, to boot.. undeniably the worst kind)

    Your comment applies to you too, don’t you get it? Nobody cares about your contrived bullshit.


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