BBC Match of the Day – Week 18 – Full Show



  1. Hello
    Please can you say why I am not able to save to my computer the part 2 of all videos which have 2 parts?I can see both but only can save the part 1.When I click to see the part 2 and try save it inside my computer the video which is saved is always the same part 1

    • Hello
      Please do you know why when video has part 1 and part 2(like several from Barclays Premier and Champions League)when I try save the video to my computer I am only able of saving part 1 even clicking in video part 2?The video part 2 is shown but can not be saved
      It happens almost always and I do not know if I must do some other thing to save this part 2
      Luiz Eduardo Vannier from Brasil


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