Barcelona vs Espanyol – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Espanyol
Barcelona vs Espanyol Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Copa del Rey
Date: 6 January 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Juan Martínez

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  1. Really you do a great job every time . All what I can say thank you so much for you effort you do for us . Great team great guys great job

  2. That 2nd commentator, i just can’t stand him, he’s licking the asses of all those players. you can be enthousiastic, but this is just too much, he almost cums when there is a goal or a normal through ball. Fucking ridiculous.

  3. Im starting to get annoyed with that commentator. Overacting i call it. Sees everywhere magic when barcelona players touch a ball. “milimeter perfect pass, pass like a touch of a violin, messi just took 100 pictures before passing,….”

  4. All these nincompoops unaware of Ray Hudson’s genius. Football is a sport; entertainment, and Ray is the soundtrack of it all.


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