SSC Napoli vs Inter – Highlights & Full Match

SSC Napoli vs Inter
Napoli vs Internazionale Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Coppa Italia
Date: 19 January 2016
Stadium: Stadio San Paolo (Napoli)

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  1. wow a serie a game with english commentary. color me impressed. seriously did the admins who gave a fuck leave? I’ve been using this site for almost a year and it seems like the quality of the uploads has diminished greatly over the last few months. no english commentaries on any non english league games, 1 or 2 full matches every match day and the rest filled out by highlights. what gives? this used to be such a great service.

    • We always try to add full matches for Juve/Inter/Milan/Roma/Napoli. That doesn’t automatically mean that we can always do that, sometimes releases are unavailable.

      I too want every single game from any league in English commentary but that’s simply not possible for all games. Go to the front page and filter the results by “Matches”. You`ll see that we add a lot.


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