Barcelona vs Valencia – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Valencia
Barcelona vs Valencia Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Copa del Rey
Date: 3 February 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

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  1. English version on being sports is ending in 30 min so I assume the upload will be in 30-40 min for English first half

  2. This is hands down the best highlights and full matches website in the internets. Fabulous work from whoever is doing this. :+1:

  3. Just wanna say great site keep up the good work.
    Has anyone noticed that when Barcelona score a goal they all celebrate with each other and thank the assister, its a closely knit team.
    People overlook stuff like that in football and dont realise how important it is, the family vibe at Barca is probably why they have been superior to Real Madrid for a good decade now. Madrid is a team full of individuals, Barca is a family


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