Levante vs Barcelona – Highlights & Full Match

Levante vs Barcelona
Levante vs Barcelona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 7 February 2016
Stadium: Estadio Ciudad de Valencia (Valencia)
Referee: Pedro Pérez

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  1. Great effort as always guys! I appreciate the effort you guys put in to upload these videos so timely all the time.

  2. Brilliant job on putting SKY and BEin together…cleanly and graciously! Howling Hudson at BEin Sport is always my preferred viewing joy but I’m sure others will certainly appreciate your SKY upload at times in parallel….anyway, I know I certainly appreciate your efforts as usual for a well organized and efficient football site.

    Barcelona today: Its when you can still win when playing shabbily that you know you’re a great team. They’re allowed off games….only human….multimillion euro/dollar humans….but humans nevertheless.

    Thank you sirs!

  3. Putting the Spanish replays up is an obvious thank you! you can’t have a great football site without catering to the spanish language enthusiasts and the commentating ‘goooooooooool’ excitement….I love that as well at times.

    I think you got it all covered….good job!


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