Barcelona vs Celta Vigo – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo
Barcelona vs Celta de Vigo Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 14 February 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Alejandro Hernández

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  1. That was the worst commentator I have ever heard, painful to listen to, couldn’t believe how long he was rambling on and spewing the worst puns humanly possible.

  2. I highly appreciate the speed in which the full match was uploaded AND most importantly that you don’t spoil the match by saying the final score. Sometimes I miss the live game for school or work and so I look for it online with hopes that I can still pretend that it’s live. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Excellent highlights. Thank you. I see that the Sky Sports complete match recording is uploaded. Can you please upload the Sky Sports highlights also? Ray Hudson can be really irritating after some time.

  4. it is ridiculous where the free kick happens and where messi played it from about 8 meter distance . he made it a penalty wtf .

  5. Thanks for the upload, chaps. Always the best quality and never giving any clues to the scoreline!!!

    That fucking co-commentator has got to go though. That was a most horrific ordeal, that I don’t fancy going through again. He is a complete violation of the senses.

  6. We appreciate the efforts of the site’s administrators to try and cater to both Sky Sports and Ray Hudson enthusiasts….it can’t be easy to try to please everyone. There are many of us that enjoy the enthusiasm of ray hudson. I like to hear Sky sports too….very professional and they have their own enjoyable flavor of commentary.

    If you don’t like Ray hudson then play the Sky Sports version or go to the vast majority of sites that ONLY upload Sky sports…..rather than spew out a negative comment that encourages other negative obscene comments.

    As usual, thank you guys for uploading both commentaries despite the ungratefulness of some and the profanity of others……that’s right juniors….try hard enough and you can get your point across without the pig sty coming out your mouths…:-)

    Encourage rather than discourage.


  7. Encouraging comments. Positive input. Yes. But let’s face it. That guy is one of the worst commentators ever. Please refer to Richie Benaud’s rules on how to be a commentator.

    The American is quite good with a classic ESPN style. But he can’t get a word in. Horrible horrible. I could do a better job.

    • His name is Ray Hudson and he is an amazing commentator that brings excitement and humor to the game unlike any other commentator I have watched. The EPL and American commentators are so boring to listen to and obvious. Most commentators try to be so professional and refined that they are unable to bring any excitement and passion to the game.

  8. Ray understands the passion of Football and adorns it with colorful and picturesque comment. There’s no-one else like him right now (at least in english). The american is correct but for the most part emotionless in typical ESPN fashion This is not baseball or the NFL where nothing happens for hours. In Football there’s emotion and passion. Why can’t english commentators scream GOAL when a goal happens. That’s what the people scream at the games but commentators just say a cold “yes” or “and he or she scores”. We are not agreeing to something and we can tell they score, it’s called a GOAL. Just say it!

  9. Legends, thanks so much for your efforts as always, And if you’re still complaining about Ray Hudson and don’t even know his name gtfo. Use another site.

  10. thanks a million guys for your timely uploads, please keep Ray videos coming, he is as brilliant entertaining as Messi is mesmerizing.


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