Eibar vs Barcelona – Highlights & Full Match

Eibar vs Barcelona
Eibar vs Barcelona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 6 March 2016
Stadium: Estadio Municipal de Ipurúa (Eibar)
Referee: Alberto Undiano

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  1. Can you fix Sky links? Man I hate that old man from Bein, he is so annoying, he overreacts about every play.
    Thank you very much!

  2. This is the best website known to me regarding replays and highlights of football matches. It is awesome and quick too.

  3. STOP complaining about Ray Hudson….sick of reading you tired whining girls. DON’T WATCH HIM! Many of us enjoy his enthusiasm….do you see us complaining about Sky Sports commentators not being as enthusiastic? No. Actually, many of us enjoy Sky Sports as well for differing reasons.

    Instead of keyboard whining just continue thanking this wonderful website for including Sky Sports for you princesses. These guys are doing a phenomenal job posting and accommodating many of us Ray Hudson fans as well as non-fans.

    Ray Hudson & Phil Schoen are the Bein commentators for someone who asked.

  4. Can anyone help me coz I am unable to watch any video. It says that I need to disable adblock. I tried all the other methods. How do I watch it? How do I disable adblocks? Please help!

  5. Ray Hudson is so fuckin great and passionate…simply amazing!! Stop complaining like a little bitch!! 😀
    Be thankful for this amazing site instead 😉

  6. Hudson is a clown who ends up ruining every game with his verbal diarrhoea. Compare him to a great like Martin Tyler who is perfectly understated and lets the game flow and speak for itself. Hudson on the other hand is more concerned with constructing superfluous analogies that take the spotlight away from the game and divert focus on to himself. Not only that be he is consistently rude to his fellow commentator and will often cut him off from speaking so he can go on one of his self-ingratiating rants.

  7. Ray Hudson at his best again
    “He needs help, like a shark needs a dentist” Hahahahaa
    “He is unpredictable as a wasp” This man is the doctor of edutainment. Super!

  8. Please the video is no longer showing on my uc browser. I watched this match last Monday on the same browser but its no longer showing. Please help


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