Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 2 April 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Alejandro Hernández

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  1. how bout messi’s football tackle on pepe though before the goal… no ones talking about that certain red card?

  2. Hopefully this loss shakes us up and we learn from it and pay attention. Also, no more burden with that winning streak.

    • it’s too bad that barcelona fans don’t know how to not post game results in the comment section. Or maybe you’re just new here.

  3. Casemiro was consistent all through the game. thoroughly massive. and for DM against barca with no card that’s totally impressive. It gave more room for modric and Kroos to push up when there was a little space. Ramos was stupid all through the game but Carvajhal and Marcelo kept the flanks tight. Neymar and Messi had to drift more infield. Actually madrid’s worst players on the day were Ramos and Ronaldo(before his goal). Midfield won it for me tho…Everyone praised MSN but give Iniesta and Busquests a bad day and thats 3/4 of the job done.

  4. Yeah Barca was to confident after the first goal. They kept trying to score another goal but ended up giving one to Real and that’s how it started.

  5. I’ve never read so much bitching about something….what are you …girls? If you can’t comment professionally without profanity or incessantly bitch about Ray Hudson….keep your filthy fingers quiet. MANY of us love Ray Hudson….and i’ll say it again….none of us rant about the ho hum commentating of Sky Sports.

    Bunch of gothic little girls you are….

    Real, as much as hate these little prima donnas, played a better game than Barcelona. Not much better….but ‘better’ enough.


    As usual, thank you fine gentlemen of this site for putting up BOTH channel commentators for the anti-Ray girls….and for putting up the Pre and Post Match replays. You guys are premier.

  6. barca dominated most of the game….but suarez missed 2 chances and that bitch ramos tackle on messi …he should have been sent off long way before….gaylord just got lucky….!


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