Getafe vs Real Madrid – Highlights & Full Match

Getafe vs Real Madrid
Getafe vs Real Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 16 April 2016
Stadium: Coliseum Alfonso Pérez (Getafe (Madrid))
Referee: Alfonso Álvarez

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  1. I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, but Ronaldo’s goal seemed like he was offside, he was ahead of all the defender s, then Jese caught up to him and passed it, can anyone explain why he wasn’t off.(I also wanted to say that the La Liga title race is getting interesting, may the best team win.)

    • Ray Hudson. That’s the rule of the game. Check out the offside rules. If the pass is from a player ahead of the second defender to the player between the gk and the second defender. Then it is offside. In this case. Both Jesé and Ronaldo were between gk and second defender so they were not offside. For more info check out the offside rules

    • Usually, refs call offside if the player is leaning ahead of the last defender when the pass is made and the ball is BEHIND the player. But in this case, the ball is AHEAD of Ronaldo when Jese made the pass, therefore, he was not offside. 🙂

      And yes, La Liga is alive!!!

  2. They were not offside as the GoalKeeper was defending outside his post and it was enough not to call it offside by the time Jese passed the ball to Ronaldo.


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