Deportivo La Coruna vs Barcelona – Highlights & Full Match

Deportivo La Coruna vs Barcelona
Deportivo La Coruña vs Barcelona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 20 April 2016
Stadium: Estadio Municipal de Riazor (A Coruña (La Coruña))
Referee: Ricardo De Burgos

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  1. We had a good thing going in this website, and then the admin got greedy!
    Way too many ads and especially those fake virus msgs…I understand you need to make money but this is too many ads.
    This website went from my favourite to not coming back here again!


    • What virus messages are you talking about?

      Also we didn’t got greedy, we didn’t make the videos force adblock it’s the video platform not us so stop blaming.

      • To the admin, it’s not the video ads, but I’ve seen many popup ads whenever I click on a video. My computer’s fan gets really loud because it has to load a lot. Maybe can you limit the ads on the site (of course not the video part)?

      • This isn’t true. if you go to a website…. say, the same video platform runs fine with adblocker. I hope you don’t want us to believe they just did i to your site. dont give us a line, it’s on your side. Don’t blame shift. We get that you need to make money- the ads are just outrageous here. They make the videos unwatchable.

        • Hello. Difference between fr (or many others) and us is that we upload very large videos to the player, and we produce a much higher spending in storage and streaming. I can’t tell about them but I know what they urged us to do 🙁 We are looking for alternatives.

    • Maybe we could make suggestions instead of only criticizing. I don’t like the ads in the middle of the matches either! We could spread an idea like: “Instead of ads in the middle of the video, maybe they should go at the beginning of each half of the match!” That’s how it’s done on TV anyway! And if it’s not enough, they could fill up all webpages with ads, as long as they don’t go in the middle of the matches! Sometimes it’s just a killer when a ad comes right in the middle of a exciting moment. Any other kind of ad would be better than this ones stopping the game every 10 minutes.

  2. Hello,

    for me, this web should be grateful & appreciated as well. To those who’s always blaming, please look inside yourself. think positively.


  3. Great website but it’s annoying that it now forces you to disable adblock. Consider changing the video platform, some ads are dangerous.

  4. I don’t mind the ads TBH. It’s just annoying that I can’t forward the video after the ad is played.
    Still, I appreciate the hard work the admin/s is/are putting.

      • I’ve been trying to suggest them to add a few simple keyboard shortcuts like YouTube.

        Left arrow: Rewind 10 seconds back.
        Space: Pause or play.
        Right arrow: Forward 10 seconds forward.


    • True! Sometimes I want to skip a few acting scenes of players pretending to be injured after a fault, but now there’s nothing we can do… 🙁

  5. Hello Admins,

    Really disappointed. This was my favorite website. Due to turning off the adblock, the website became very sluggish and slow. I’m not too bothered with the ads, but I can barely finish watching highlights. Please fix this problem.

    Thank you.

  6. Trying to watch the videos from my S4 mobile device tonight, but they’re not loading (never had this issue b4). I’ll check back a little later

  7. People who are complaining about ADs are the greedy ones, not the admin. Admin needs money to run this site, so obivously he has to make some money.

    If you don’t want ads, why don’t YOU pay actual price to watch them on skysport or BEINSport? What a self absorbed bastards.

  8. Are you people really complaining? If they don’t run ads, how do you expect them to keep providing their great service free of charge? The greedy ones are the ones who are complaining; you can never satisfy freeloaders! Don’t pay attention to them admins… do what you need to do and thanks for your awesome job!

  9. Everything in moderation!

    Some people here blame the users and others the Admin. I think since Admin is making money by using videos that they have no copyright agreements, they should not try to make millions by having 100 ads just to watch a 5 min highlight. Keep it simple, one ad per highlight and maybe 2 ads per each half. I saw like 6 ads during a match, even TV don’t do that.

    On the other hand, users shouldn’t complain about videos having one or two ads.

  10. We are not against ads unlike how MJ & Bryce are making it seem. We are just against the ads that are causing disruption, slow loading, can’t forward the player, overly intrusive, constant pop ups, crashing Flash player (move to HTML5 instead), etc. It’s not an all or nothing situation. Stop making it seem like that. You have to be more thoughtful with that. Also, why not ad a Paypal donation or Patreon donation button? I would rather give a dollar per match or so than deal with these damn ads. A dollar is way more than the obnoxious ads give you.

  11. I don’t think people are complaining about there being ads,

    It’s the sheer volume of ads, if the full games had 5 minutes of Ads in between halfs I think we’d all be fine with that.

  12. Hello admin(s),

    I used to really enjoy your site but not so much anymore with this constant barrage of ads for every damn highlight video, I get that you need the money to keep running this site but please be considerate and limit the ads you show for each video…I’m fine turning off my Adblocker to support you guys but this is too much, there is an ad every few minutes and no way to skip them either!!

    This site is becoming worse because of that, please reduce the volume of ads and be a little more considerate that’s all I ask you guys to do. Hope you understand, just some feedback for you guys. Thank you admin


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