Can you guys help us with a little feedback about your experiences and problems with Playwire? It will help a lot.

Hello everyone. Since the recent problems with the video player, I am gathering replies and comments which we are sending directly to playwire’s support with the hope that they are going to fix them.

There are two type of problems that people have been reporting since the mandatory no-adblock feature was enabled for us:

Problem 1 – After the first ad, the progress bar which usually lets you go and skip forwards/backwards in the video becomes unresponsive. I am facing this issue myself and it’s very annoying.

Problem 2 – I don’t have this problem myself but many people report slow loading of the videos and Shockwave flash crashing, PC starting to lag heavily and RAM usage spikes. Basically the player (or the ads?) slows down your computer one way or another.

I thought it would be best if I just make a quick poll to gather feedback and them send them the results. When we sent one of our first reports to them, they asked for this specifically:
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Which advertisement specifically causes the problem (if any or all of them)
  • Location (country)
  • Is it happening on mobile or desktop or both

Please fill out this poll Poll is now closed. Thanks a lot to everyone for participating.

There is no registration or Google account required and it takes less than 1 minute to complete. You can also leave a reply in the comment sections below. If I manage to gather at least 20-30 replies that’s gonna be awesome. Thanks in advance for anyone who participates.

PS: As a side note for our viewers we just want to clarify that we didn’t enforce this “no-adblock” policy ourselves. This was applied to our player because of the huge costs associated with traffic as it was explained to us.


  1. Thanks, your site have been awesome!
    For me it’s ok to see a short ad because maintaining a site with lots of traffic esp. video costs lots of money.
    It would do me no good if you cannot sustain the site due to the financial reasons.
    I guess it would be best to find a solution that doesn’t affect the viewing experience too much yet produce enough revenue for you.

    • Windows, Chrome or Firefox, in Japan. The ads go so slow. I don’t mind them popping up at crap times but they take longer than 10 seconds. Feels like 10 minutes sometimes. Thanks for the service anyway and hope you can find ways round the problems and keep going. Cheers.

  2. Can we please use another player besides Playwire? it has been so laggy, and of course the ads dont load or sometimes it wont even let me go full screen. i wouldnt mind paying for an adfree experience

    • i’d pay for an ad free service but i can’t stand having an ad break every 5 minutes so i just don’t bother watching anymore

    • i’d pay for an ad free service. but since the ad breaks every 5min were implemented i’ve not bothered watching anything on here. i’ve been going to other sites like football origin which don’t force ads down your throat every 5 minutes.

  3. Problems im having.

    (1) When i go fullscreen and then come out i cant get back into fullscreen unless i refresh the page.

    • This only happens if it’s a tab different than the first one right?

      We know about this and there is a way to fix this but it will cause some more server load. We might get rid of the AJAX functionality of the tabs so we are still thinking about this still.

  4. I’ve filled it out as well..

    I make this comment, because i’m sure most people would agree with me;

    This site is absolutely fantastic.

    When the ‘must disable adblock’ came up, i had no issues doing it, i understand that the ads help on your end in a monetary cents (pun intended šŸ˜‰ )

    BUT for one thing. I would much prefer if you were to add an extra 2 or 3 ad’s to the webpage, or even those little boxes that pop over the playwire screen, if you were to remove the periodic ads that stop the actual video at say the 8 minute mark, 16 minute mark etc.

    You remove those, then i dont care if you ad 4 or 5 more ads just around the page or ontop of the player.

    Think of it this way, before, i viewed no ads with adlocker = no income

    Now, i’m willing to view like 5-10 ads PER Page (i watch almost every highlights that are uploaded here)

    Thats a HUGE addition of ad views or you guys, and all i ask is removing just the ads that come up and disrupt the actual viewing pleasure part way through the videos.

    Also to note, after say 2 days of the problems subject to this pole, i’ve been able to reenable adblock and watch the videos.

    As said above, i’m still more than happy to disable adblock entirely.

    • Just 2 things mate.

      First, all comments that get posted here are subject of approval so that means no need to double post if you don’t see your comment appearing.

      Second, I agree with you completely, however site ads and video player ads are different. We can do whatever we want with site ads, but we can’t do anything about video ads as they require an ad to appear every 7-8 minutes. The only option we have is to change the exact timestamp for an ad, but it would still require an ad every X minutes nevertheless. So if a video is for example 45 minutes long then 45 / 8 = 5.625 which means at least 5 ads must be present during that time.

      We only have control over the exact moments (cue points) but we are adding so many videos it’s impossible to babysit each ad moment and tweak it not to interfere with key moments of a match or highlights.

      I realize that we may lose you as a loyal viewer by saying this but this is the truth and unfortunately there aren’t any feasible alternatives to this player at this point.

      • i know you’re going to censor my other comment since it mentions a rival site that offers a far superior service. i hope you also know this isn’t a feasible business model and that you could earn more if you weren’t so short sighted. but you are so go ahead and censor this too!

        • All comments posted here are subject of manual approval first but the point of that is not because we wanna censor stuff.

          So if you can’t see your comment after posting that just means that we haven’t clicked approve yet, not because we wanna censor you.

  5. Browser: Safari/Chrome

    Operating System: OS X El Capitan (v. 10.11.4)

    Problematic Advertisements: I have experienced both problems 1 and 2, I can’t skip beyond the first ad and often my computer freezes, forcing me to shut it down.

    Location: Australia

    Affects: Mobile & Desktop

    *As I have said before, I wouldn’t mind paying for an ad free experience*

  6. I would like to add my voice on here and say that this site really, truly is fantastic! I don’t mind the ads at all, I know it must be very expensive to run this site.

    I filled out the survey, but I have a few comments to add. One is that I had that flash bug in the past, and it was happening on some other websites as well. In the end I disabled it by default because I mostly watch youtube and that works fine on HTML5. So does playwire, btw. But still, it would be nice if the flash bug was fixed.

    The second thing was that a few weeks ago the playwire player changed. It was now a transparent bar with the controls and the problem with not being able to skip forward after the first ad was gone. But soon after the old player was back. I guess they were doing a test run of their next player version? Anyway, I was fine with that new player. But either way, fixing that first-ad-no-skip bug would be SOOOOO nice!!!

  7. Operating System: OSX El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E65)
    Which advertisement specifically causes the problem (if any or all of them): Any Ad
    Location (country): US
    Is it happening on mobile or desktop or both: Yes

    I have to pause my Adguard to get my video to play. When It starts playing I turn it back on and it skips all ads.
    Thanks for your hard work Admin. Love EPL, MLS sucks

  8. I experience problem 1 all the time and it’s super frustrating, especially because it comes in conjunction with another problem you didn’t mention: Sometimes when I exit full screen, it no longer lets me go back to full screen. Which means I want to refresh the page to reload the video to go into fullscreen, but then I lose my spot in the video because of the first problem.

    Chrome on a mac.

  9. Love the sight! Thanks a bunch for putting it together.

    I’m happy to watch the ads to support you. But I still like to be able to skip forward and backward.

  10. Windows 7 / Opera and Epic Browser / England

    I only have problem number 1 and a bit of problem 2.

    Videos will not play unless you turn off ad blocker.
    If I turn off ad block I also have to deal with crazy pop up pages which crash my browser, I don’t think they are safe.

    The video takes around 20 to 25 seconds load, though before it used to load straight away all the time.

    I am trying to find ways to overcome this.

    If anything else ever comes up I will let you know asap.

    Thank you for all the hard work and making this site possible

  11. Bob. April 22.
    Yes the Adblock has created both problems for me. I’m using OSX El Capitan 10.11.4 with a MacBook Pro in Australia with Google Chrome.

  12. Just to say that I have experienced most of the problems listed above at one time or another – and could not bear to try to watch on iPad and Safari a while back – but none of them are enough to put me off the site. You guys do amazing work, and I am grateful just about every day.

  13. The site is awesome now I don’t worry too much on missing matches if I’ve night out with my friends.
    Only this I wish for it be providing 720p /1080p mode which would make the experience even better.

  14. On Windows with Firefox everything is ok. However on Android with any browser I experience both problems. Especially number 1.

  15. Experiencing Both problems 1 and 2 plus I cant exit and enter full screen at will. Once i exit fullscreen i can’t do it again until after refreshing .
    Chrome > Windows 7 > Any of the intrusive Ads shown > Australia> Both Desktop and Mobile

  16. Browser: Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit)
    OS: OSX Yosemite version 10.10.5
    Happens with all the ads
    Los Angeles California
    Happens on desktop, haven’t tried mobile.

    I’m experiencing problem 1, haven’t had any run-ins with problem 2.
    However I’m experiencing another problem where if you go full screen, then back to normal player, it won’t let you go full screen again.

  17. OS: Win 7 Home Premium SP 1
    Browser: Chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 m
    Location (country): Canada
    Only tried on desktop.

    Problem 2 happens all the time. It causes the browser to slow down significantly and eventually shockwave flash crashes. This cause all the other flash contents across all the other tabs to slow down or crash.
    Also, when there is an ad in the middle of the video, sometimes it won’t load the ad, and the video is stuck there and needs to be refreshed hoping that the ad will come through. (not sure which ad)

  18. chromebook
    your site is slow and causing problems to other tabs
    if you cant change this at least
    give options to reduce hd to low resolution
    thanks for content

  19. No problem on my site
    I use either safari, opera or chrome, depending on the day but mostly opera
    The reason i have no problem is because i found a way to completely block all the ads
    At first it was annoying seeing disable adblocker but after digging a little bit deeper, i found a way and your site is fantastic.

    Having said that, everyone complaining should just stop and find ways to block the ads completely because i found a way.

    Country- USA

  20. Top site mate, absolutely diamond job you do here. Love your work.

    I get random “Shockwave Flash has Crashed” errors and then sometimes I am unable to FFW/RWD videos after the first ad. This issue is sporadic/random though and to be honest I don’t mind that much as I really enjoy your content šŸ™‚

    OS: Win 7 SP1 x64
    Browser: Version 49.0.2623.112 m
    Location: Australia
    Desktop PC: i5 4690K/16gb ram/Radeon R290x/SSD

    Filled out your survey as well.

    Keep up the good work! Much appreciated.

  21. 1 problem I have is when I go in full screen then exit full screen it no longer let me go back to fullscreen unless I refresh the page.

  22. The sight is the best there is. Everything is fine except the lagging experienced when playing videos and ads are unresponsive at times. Keep up the great work. Country: Zambia, Browser: Mozilla Firefox

  23. problem 1 only. Only after the ad with the static photo, the one that can be skipped when the “x” is pressed.

    Browser: Chrome & Firefox
    Windows: 7 & 10
    Location: EU

  24. I haven’t faced the two problems that you listed so far, but today i faced a new problem, i cant watch any videos from your site , the video player is simply not showing no thumbnail no video player nothing.
    Windows 8.1 – Chrome(latest) – India – Desktop

  25. Thanks for addressing this, site – much appreciated. I’m experiencing problems 1 and 2.

    Chrome>Win10>Any Ad>UK>Desktop and Mobile (Apple Safari)
    BrowserOperating System
    Which advertisement specifically causes the problem (if any or all of them)
    Location (country)
    Is it happening on mobile or desktop or both

  26. Chrome > Windows 7 > Any ad > Australia> Desktop

    No ads was obviously so much better, but I can deal with if the speed is sorted out, because this site is so good!

  27. As of April 22, 10:30 am EST
    -> chrome 49.0.2623.112 m
    -> Windows 10
    -> Problem 2
    -> Allstate Insurance ads
    -> Canada
    -> Only use this website with desktop

  28. First off thanks…what you guys do is awesome!
    Another problem I faced (also my boss…lol), is that once full match game replays have started, you may never go off full-screen, or else you will never be able to enlarge it again (I guess it’s a problem related to the unresponsiveness of playwire after the 1st ad? Maybe).
    That is so annoying BUT…it never happens with shows-replays. Only with full matches…which is strange.

  29. Thanks guys!

    1. Browser: Google Chrome
    2. Operating System: Mac OS X El Capitan
    3. Which advertisement: Any (Usually occurs in prematch and postmatch)
    4, Location: Eastern Standard Canada
    5. Is it happening on mobile or desktop or both: Desktop (don’t visit the website in mobile devices)

  30. I responded to the survey but I am having the same fullscreen issue as others are experiencing. Full on then off will never let you go to fullscreen unless you refresh and THAT is when Problem 1 becomes a pain.

  31. Chrome > Windows 7 and apple > Any ad > Australia > Desktop

    Hey guys. Problem 1 is the main issue for me otherwise everything else is good.

    I love your work guys just one comment, what i love most about this website is how structured and organised the website is and that it also shows the PRE-Match and POST-Match tabs. Would you please concentrate allot on this section. For example POST-Matches for la liga games. Also I love the european football show on BT Sports.

    But great Work.

  32. Just go back to the older format… period… it works perfectly fine that way… please. It crashes horribly and the ads are terribly invasive. An add at the beginning would be ok but not this… specially if it works so bad.
    Chrome, windows 8, laptop, any add, England, and both problems.
    Ps. Thanks for sharing matches guys, I hope that you can fix this problems and go back to what the page previously was.
    Ps. The page its so lagged that took me more than twenty minutes to write this….

  33. Chrome, Windows 10, Denmark, desktop
    I do experience problem 1. For problem 2, I sometimes find that after an advert, the video just won’t start, or if it has started, it just won’t continue.

    [a not so important comment. I admit I have not used the search bar, but ]For improvement, I suggest providing a better search service such that it’s easier to view related content for a particular team. May be using a recommender system would solve this issue. But I’m overall impressed with your website in general. It’s the best around.

    Whereas it’s good you respond to comments, you must realise that people/commenters on here don’t know what AJAX is or JavaScript for that matter. Be less technical in your responses.

  34. Fullscreen will always work for me first time, but if i escape out of full screen I can rarely get back into it, forcing me to reload the entire page.

  35. I understand the need to generate revenue. But the aggravation that’s caused by interrupting these matches with inane commercial plugs for stuff that no one who’s watching football is remotely interested in is not winning friends for your site.

    Don’t know what the answer is, but what you’re doing right now isn’t it. If you offered a paid service that streamed these games like they were before, ad free, I’d gladly sign up. As things now stand I’ve reverted to finding the games I want to watch on a torrent site and downloading them to watch interruption free. Beats the hell out having to watch some silly tooth brush commercial right in the middle of an exciting run of play..

  36. PLEASE READ. I’ll deal with ads and playwire issues until they’re solved since the site does a great job. To me, there’s a rarer but more serious issue.

    A game going into extra time is a big deal, especially to someone who wants to watch the whole game with no spoilers. The UI problem here is that we can tell a game went into extra time when there’s a “Sky ET/PEN if any” and a “Bein ET/PEN if any” and a “Spanish ET/PEN if any”. It’s obvious the game went into extra time because there’s just ONE link saying “ET/PEN if any” when it was just a 90 minute match. Does this make sense?

    If you’re going to keep this layout, you need to put up empty/dummy Extra Time links for EVERY VERSION of full time you have. PLEASE. To me the ads are just a small inconvenience compared to this ruining the suspense of a game.

  37. Both problems 1 and 2. To the point that the browser does not respond; then, leave the session…
    Chrome > Windows 7 > USA > Desktop

  38. Love the site and the effort you take to put them up. Particularly in putting up shows like European Football Show and Monday Night Football. Wish you’d also include a download link for the video as i rarely watch them on my computer anyway. I won’t tell you how in case playwire are watching, but i download them anyway to avoid the ads. Thank you very very much.

  39. 1 more comment, PLEASE do not make this a pay site. The whole reason this is popular is because it is free. Those saying they will happily pay for ad-free content, DO NOT speak for everyone. If i wanted to pay to watch football i’d subscribe to Sky and BT.

  40. sorry! should have said i’m in Canada, using ipad air, safari and the exact problem is the first ad window keeps expanding right as the little cursor gets to the right hand edge. the video window expands, but does not end and does not then shift to the highlight video.

  41. Both problems 1 and 2. i don’t know why, but when i watch youtube it’s just fine and flawless.
    it started two month’s ago, before that is fine, no problem at all

    Chrome & Firefox> Windows 7> all ad’s fine> Indonesia> Desktop

  42. I’ve started having the problem recently of tehg main video frame not appearing at all – but the ‘related videos’ – pre and post match comments – do loads (extremely slowly) and play automatically

    Chrome, Fireforx, IE > Windows 7 > all ads fine, inc pop up window ad which i don’t remember used to happen> Thailand>desktop but mobile ok – just realised (android, same wifi)


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