Barcelona vs Sporting Gijon – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Sporting Gijon
Barcelona vs Sporting Gijón Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 23 April 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Clos Gómez

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    • yeah.. as barca fans i’m not so sure how to react about this match.. i just feel empty and there’s no excitement even tho we win the game.. is it the refs or whoever i’m just not too proud about this game..

  1. much, much appreciated that you’r making the highlights out of the sky broadcast.

    I used to watch the highlights on mute, rather than listen to that dipshit of a commentator that covers these games on the other channels broadcast.

  2. I’m a Barca fan, and the calls we had today were correct, except for the 3rd PK and maybe Suarez was offside for one of them (very tight call too). The first two PKs were completely legit tho. So take that into mind before you call us Uefalona

    • how can you called barca uefalona,if they are uefalona why would they kicked out by atletic? use your brain please

  3. 1st goal was legal, 2nd goal was offside, 3rd goal obvious PK, 4th goal obvious PK, 5th goalwas not a PK, 6th goal was legal. Pique’s clearing off the line was NOT a handball as some people are saying. There was another handball by a Sporting player that should have been a PK for Barça. So that’s 2 mistakes against Sporting, 1 against Barça. Are people really gonna complain about 1 mistake after a 6-0 scoreline?

  4. Hi admin im having a problem watching the highlights its keep on stoping for some reason can you please fix it thank you love this website


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