Monday Night Football – Premier League Round 35 | Full Show



  1. considering leaving the website there are too many ads and the video player is getting slowed down because of it. Rectify or a large majority of your crowd will go elsewhere!

  2. As someone who knows about websites and ads. The ads are in a fair ratio for the high quality content on this site. The problem is not the number of ads but what effect this has on the player. Playwires coding needs to improve.

  3. I’ll GLADLY continue watching the relatively short, relatively few advertisements for all of this football content. Thanks,

    PSA: If your computer is slowing down “because of ads” [cough/bullshit], don’t expect the Internets to change, you freeloading whiners– GET A NEWER, FASTER COMPUTER OR CONNECTION. Seriously, how ridiculous can you be?

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