Villarreal vs Liverpool – Highlights & Full Match

Villarreal vs Liverpool
Villarreal vs Liverpool Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Europa League
Date: 28 April 2016
Stadium: Camp El Madrigal (Villarreal)
Referee: D. Skomina

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      • I agree with admin. There are so many cunts that download these videos and upload them into their own YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and even their own website which is very discouraging for the admins of such a great website!

        I agree with you admin. Disable downloads and keep up the great work!!!

    • You can download the game from the /r/football download subreddit

      It seems to me judging from the admins comment below and the recent updates and restrictions added to this site that they’ve gone out of their way to block downloads from here

      Forgetting that the USERS (who make the page hits and garner the ad revenue) are the ones this page was meant? To serve

      In the future I will he using reddit/football downloads BC I CBF with the laggy badly coded site, forced ads and now admins that are obv out of touch with the users

      What about you add premium and “freemium” accounts where we can forego ads for a yearly fee? (Ie$5 much more than a single user would bring in ad revenue)Or for supporting the site with “friends of”links on other sites , their own fb or blog garnering you more users

      No.. Admin doesnt think of this admin says flat out no

  1. You are wrong guys. If you download the video you can play as you want. Rewind forward stop it, bored and want to watch it after and much more. That you have not watching here. We all know from where we download it. We say the best for your site. Please fix it. Download again. Thanks

  2. we cant download videos,
    your site is great but downloading videos is better,
    how about using file hosts?
    file hosts are free and easy,
    like weshare or openload or other sites

  3. I like download to creat gifs or send some parts of the video to whatsapp to my friends. I dont want make money with it. So, now I cant downloadin i have to download from youtube and dont need come here anymore.

    I tryed to enter at playwire to download but it doesnt allow

  4. I really appreciate all of the work that goes into this site don’t get me wrong but without being able to download the videos here this website is rendered useless for me.. I have incredibly spotty internet at my place, being able to download these matches has been a god send- i can set my computer up in the one shitty nook of the garage that gets wi-fi and wait 45 minutes to download matches and then watch them in the comfort of my home. Without it I have to wait for matches to load entirely before clicking play and if I want to rewind it is a total no-go, the video will need to be reloaded entirely which can take me up to an hour sometimes. If it is an issue with you not making as much money because people aren’t watching ads when they download matches i’d be more than happy to make a donation to you for all of your hard work, I really do appreciate it but with this new ‘block’ on downloading that seems to be in place I’m totally unable to watch football, I’ve literally spent all day trying to watch this match and I’m still not even an hour into the match. Thanks for your time

    • Have you tried rewinding/going forward recently? We gathered feedback and I think they fixed that problem.

      Also we don’t need donation and no it’s not about money. I’d leave a longer reply but im really tired.

      • I wish there was some way to be able to download videos again because like I said without it i’m unable to use this site.. It’s been a good run though maybe just time to find somewhere else, thanks for all your time and effort!

  5. Yeah, what’s with the download block?? I’m more than happy to donate if we can go back to the way it’s always been here on this site, I can no longer watch matches here now due to my shitty internet connection

  6. Thank you for fixing the player. Previously I had a lot of issues with forwarding or skipping ahead. This one works like a treat though. Cheers!

  7. Have you changed the host server of the website recently? Or are you embedding videos through a different way? The videos have been loading about 3 times slower than before… in the last few weeks.

  8. yeah it seems like a possibility that its a playwire feature making it possible to disable downloads as one of the other football match sites i frequent is giving me the same issue of downloads being blocked, either that or it’s got to do with copyright infringement and the admins are playing it safe.. either way its incredibly frustrating, subreddit here i come

  9. Don’t get me wrong, but you shouldnt disable downloads. Because I want to watch it offline and the streaming is way too choppy to even watch a single highlights. It is true. If you are afraid of people stealing your videos, put a watermark at the bottom corner or at the centre. Think about this people in Youtube would also make highlights, make football edits, there will be cunts who steal videos too. Does Youtube disable downloads bcos of this? No. That is why there is a need for watermark. You deserve to set up a donation for your hard work, Im sure many ppl appreciate ur work. Disabling downloads is a huge blow to all of us football fans. Pls bring back downloads, admin 🙁 We will all look out for your videos on youtube and bring them down. You guys agree?

  10. The video wont play at all on Internet Explorer and Firefox. Maybe because u disabled downloads. It only plays on Chrome but the quality is terrible. Pls fix it! Thanks!


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