Real Betis vs Barcelona – Highlights & Full Match

Real Betis vs Barcelona
Real Betis vs Barcelona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 30 April 2016
Stadium: Estadio Benito Villamarín (Sevilla)
Referee: Antonio Mateu

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  1. Thanks admin, I really appreciate the upload. And because I like both commentaries, can you upload Sky as well? Thanks, and keep up the good work (and don’t listen to the haters).

  2. Many thanks from New Zealand, this is the best site for a football fan living in a rugby country. enjoy all the leagues every sunday morning. All I wish for now is that this , f…king, annoying, screaming retarded commentator retires or dies or whatever….. He ruins the spanish top games for me , can only watch on mute.
    love this site, many thanks.

  3. That commentary was just dreadful. Sliced them open like a fish????
    Messi could shave a mouse in its sleep???
    My God, how do they find these commentators loooool

  4. Thank you for the big effort.

    I Just have to mention that since the new playwire came in, the casting on chromecast does not work from this site ( I used to open videos on google chrome and cast it on TV)

  5. First of all i want to thank you for your quick upload and all barcelona videos.

    Usually your video quality is very good, but in this match the quality is bad. (The audio doesn’t sync and the video is sometimes bad)

    Just want to report that, once again thank you!

  6. Seriously, we all love this site.

    But is there any chance you can make the highlights out of the sky broadcast?

    This commentators magestirial metaphors make me magically want to cut off my ears.

    Democracy? majority rules? i know most of us would be super appreciative of the switch of sources.

    • Bitch, what gives you the right to demand Sky only broadcasts? There are MANY Ray hudson Bein sport enthusiasts on here. If you do not like Ray hudson, then go TO ANOTHER SITE THAT MAY HAVE SKY BROADCAST ONLY. Make no mistake… if I were in front of you…I’d make sure you went to sleep WITH a Ray Hudson tune in your ear.

      I am sorry for my rough reply gents….you know how much I appreciate your efforts to upload BOTH broadcasts….and us Bein Sport lovers NEVER bash Sky sports lack-luster commentating. I really do hope you ignore the zac-bitch requests. Please.

      Thank you so much for, so far, ignoring the zac-saks of the football world who don’t know to do anything but bitch like a skirt.

      Kyle really does sum it up well and more professionally than I…..Ray Hudson is an acquired taste and this site is gracious and laborious enough (or possibly you like Ray hudson more as well 🙂 ) to upload both broadcasts WHEN AVAILABLE!

      I don’t know where zac-sak gets that the majority likes Sky only….perhaps the zac-saks simply BARK LOUDER.

      PLEASE do not stop uploading Bein Sport Ray Hudson broadcasts when available for Barcelona games. Christ.

      On another note, I do agree the old playwire was better….but just an aside.

      Thank you as usual for being the best site out here.

  7. Thanks for all your uploads. Just one request. Please switch back to the old playwire where we could load the entire video and watch. Some of us don’t have the greatest internet connection in the world.

  8. Admin, now I have to endure all the lousy quality streaming. Plays halfway, freezes. Audio continues playing but not in sync. have to rewind abit because i missed a few parts. After few seconds freezes again. Sigh, I usually would have downloaded and I would be done in a few mins. Now theres no alternative options and I have to put up with unexpected problems like this. It’s just a pity.

    • Comment on the game…not the commentating. That is what this site is about. If all you can comment on is what broadcasting you like ….then keep it to yourself at bedtime…don’t waste our time on here yngve bngve dngve….knudsen, bludsen, crudsen…

      I like Sky as well….but it isn’t my favorite….but I certainly don’t need to blast it for differing from a Ray Hudson style. I am thankful that this site uploads our differing tastes…they are a class act this site.

      Grow up, eat your veggies and accept that your likes aren’t the only ones that count junior.

      Amen? Amen.


  9. ……by the way…I am the BIGGEST Messi fan around as I am partly Argentine myself…unlike zac-sak who I believe is part Moron….but as magnificent as Messi is with his assists (not to mention his scoring) …assists don’t matter one little ‘zac-sak’ if Barcelona doesn’t have a CLOSER….that closer is Suarez. I’ve never seen a closer like Suarez in football. Suarez is not Suarez without the laser passing of Messi and company…and Messi and company are not anything without the closing of someone like Suarez…..undoubtedly a TEAM effort…..

    ….of course zac-sac only cares about who is or who isn’t broadcasting. Eh zac-sak?

    I will once again reiterate to this site….I love BOTH broadcast flavors but always prefer Ray Howling Hudson. thank you for catering to both the bitches and to us Ray Hudson enthusiasts.



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