Europa League Highlights ITV – 18th May 2016



  1. Not a Liverpool fan at all, but they got done over by the referee. 2 clear hand balls and an offside goal given. Ridiculous referee!

    • That wasn’t an offside goal. Coke received the ball from Liverpool player.
      Even your very own legendary Howard Webb acknowledged the Referees decision.

    • It was NEVER offside. A player can’t be offside if he receives the ball from an opposition player. The Sevilla player received the ball from a Liverpool player, NOT a Sevilla teammate.

        • In Seville’s defense; If someone fires the ball 1 meter in front of you, you don’t have time to react. It’s not up to us to decide that, just the referee. If both teams agree to the terms and referee before kickoff, don’t whine about it afterwards. It makes you sound like a pussy.

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