ESPN FC – 19th May 2016



  1. Butthurt my ass bro!, I’m not English and, in fact, I am bored by the EPL, but this final was bullshit. Sevilla was clearly carried to their third by the refs just to get that garbage in the books and you know it.

    Fuck UEFA for that.

  2. I was referring to the section of the video clip above. But since you want to take it to the match itself, fine. Did the Netherlands deserve the penalty against Mexico, to take them one round further of the previous WC? Was the goal, England scored against Germany in 2010 not a valid one, shouldn’t it have counted?
    There is enough evidence to support video checking of some sort to eradicate poor decisions. I was merely pointing out the fact that one country has won the last 3 Champions league and last 3 Europa League editions. This is a unparalleled feat. Not to mention 2 European titles and a World Cup! And no one is really talking about it. Maybe the so-called ‘best league in the world’ is a title one could not claim for oneself.


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