EURO 2016 Group A Preview | France, Switzerland, Romania & Albania



  1. Funny how a fair proportion of England fans who chant ‘F off Russia’ probably come back home and turn a blind eye to the one Russian who funds their club’s success.

    And by the same accord, the same fans who a few months ago were chanting all sorts of disgusting remarks about Harry Kane’s religion and parents, now pray for him to perform and keep their dreams alive.

    Football fans, the ones who are representing us and making a name for our country out in France are, politely put, fickle, delusional and low in intelligence.

    The best stat I found was that 43.7% of Chelsea fans who took part in a poll about immigration, called for closed doors. This despite supporting a club built on immigration, foreign investment and staff. So it’s okay to hate, when it suits of course.

    Expect UEFA to chuck us out and rightly so. And that hurts as a true fan.


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