Thierry Henry criticizes Tottenham of being mentally weak [Video]

Thierry Henry criticizes Tottenham of being mentally weak [Video]

The 2015-16 Premier League season was arguably the best campaign that Tottenham have had in the last 15 years, as they were the only team that put up a fight against Leicester City in the title fight.

However, at the end the Spurs were not able to put up a decent fight, as probably the pressure was too much for them and they even dropped the third place at the end of the season, allowing Arsenal to take over the second spot. Thus, Tottenham had to endure to constant jokes and insults from Arsenal that they simply can’t handle being up there with the big boys.

To make it even worse, in an interview regarding the Euro 2016 and the England national squad, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry gave Tottenham as an example of mentally weak youngsters that can harm the title hopes of the Brits.


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