Colombia vs Paraguay – Highlights & Full Match

Colombia vs Paraguay
Colombia vs Paraguay Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Copa America
Date: 8 June 2016
Stadium: Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)

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  1. Same ad again and again in between matches. I don’t mind watching ads as its the only source of income for this site but this is getting really frustrating.. please reduce the frequency of the ads in between the matches.


  2. Yo admin,

    Just to draw your attention to a problem of late:

    The videos now seem to lose sharpness on and off throughout the videos.

    Its the same problem i used to have with a site i used to watch highlights on. They offered the same video in different resolutions, and they used to ‘force’ a resolution based on what they thought your internet could handle. So for example if i was using some bittorrent at the time, it would give me some shitty 240p video, and it was blurry/not sharp/pixely. having the same kind of problem for maybe the last month on your videos where the sharpness comes and goes.

    Hope something can be done about this,


  3. Idk why everyone is complaining about the ads so much. This is A Quality uploads on a very clean looking website for FREE and the admins deserve an income from such a good service. If you guys have problems with excessive ads then get the channel connection. Respect to the admins.

  4. This site is awesome! No room for complaining. Stop acting so spoiled. Admin, you guys kick ass! Thank you thank you gracias muchas gracias!!!!

  5. I can barely understand people complaining here. A service like this in such a high quality at no cost! If you find the ads that much annoying, please use the energy and time you invest criticizing and go search in the web for a similar service with no or less ads. I wish you the best of luck.
    Dear admins… many, many of us are really grateful for your work hier. Keep going and thanks a lot again.

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