France vs Romania – Highlights & Full Match

France vs Romania
France vs Romania Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 10 June 2016
Stadium: Stade de France (Paris)
Referee: V. Kassai
Find official highlights for this game here:

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  1. No vision on the part of those same players, who have no idea how to win aerial duels. Their coach cut a lonely and somewhat sinister old hick figure — the 1980s called, they want you back, pop!

      • I-auzi ce zice asta mai jos… ca echipa ta favorita e shit. Pai ce mai stai? Baga-l in ma-sa, da-i o lectie, ce conteaza c-ai un broken English? Fa ce stii tu sa faci mai bine – ai laptop, stii sa urli fuck you, asa ca so pe el, ratardatu’ ma-mii (in caz ca ai vreuna)…

  2. more proof that football around the world is shit at the moment, a few good players is all there is, romania is shit, france is shit, only the blind and the ultra nationalist think they are any good. and benzema says he was left out because of racism, well I see a lot of black people in the french team, benzema must be blind, go play for algeria.

    • you cant really compare romania to france, the value of the french team is in the 100s of millions of euro. Romania dont have any superstars, so you cant expect too much from them but france definately failed to live up to the standards.


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