USA vs Paraguay – Highlights & Full Match

USA vs Paraguay
United States vs Paraguay Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Copa America
Date: 12 June 2016
Stadium: Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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  1. a paraguayos mas inutiles, perder contra un equipo gringo malisimo, lo unico bueno que tienen los gringos es el portero el resto que vayan a cuidar la frontera. a los paraguayos los deberian de enviar a venezuela para que se limpien las nalgas con piedras.

  2. Fuck me, did that announcer win a competition to get to call that game? Some guy they found on the street outside? Proof not all Brit announcers should call US games

  3. The sound on the extended highlights goes up and down in volume, erratically. May want to fix that or something.


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