Portugal vs Iceland – Highlights & Full Match

Portugal vs Iceland
Portugal vs Iceland Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 14 June 2016
Stadium: Stade Geoffroy-Guichard (Saint-Ètienne)
Referee: C. Çakιr
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  1. once again this ronaldo guy has demonstrated he is good at real madrid where he has so many good players feeding him but at national level is just another less than mediocre player.
    funny thing about iceland, all the players surnames end in “son” must be in-breds.
    and the english commentators proving once again how bias they are, when portugal scored they say great, even though it was a horrendous defensive error, and when iceland scored which was a similar kind of goal, then it was a defensive error, bloody english.
    and finally what is with the those monkeys behind the goal line, those so called officials, good for nothing sons of bitches, they get paid to look like monkeys with a burning rod up their asses.

    • In Iceland your surname is derived from your father’s name. So if your dad’s name is Ben and your a male your surname will be Benson (Ben’s son) and if your female your surname will be Bendottir (Ben’s daughter).

  2. ronaldo is a fake and acts like a prima donna on the grass, I declare him the idiot of the day
    good luck Iceland

  3. Edward, You probably right about us Icelanders being in-breds – at least from large communities pov :-).
    But the ‘son postfix is no indication of that however. Every son of someone, gets the first name of his father, and son as added as postfix indicating he is the son of his father. In same way daugter is added. You son would be Edwardsson, and your daughter would be Edwardsdóttir

  4. Portugal is very good, all great teams they starts really bad, Voçes vão po caralho invejosos da merda, Cristiano Ronaldo é o melhor do mundo burros do caralho.

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