Russian fans attack England and Wales supporters who were in a pub [Video]

Russian fans attack England and Wales supporters who were in a pub [Video]

The Euro 2016 tournament has been pretty entertaining up until now, but it seems that it hasn’t been enough for some of the fans in France, especially the Russians, as they have been causing trouble since day one.

Now, the supporters of Russia have once again sparked some clashes, this time attacking English and Welsh fans, who were doing nothing extraordinary and just drinking at a pub in Lille. It was undoubtedly a pretty unpleasant scene on the streets of Lille, but hopefully it will be the last one as the Russian national squad was earlier warned that if more hooligan accidents occur, they could be disqualified from the tournament.

Watch some of the videos from Lille below:


  1. They need to clear out those idiotic Russan fans now, and also ban the team, their MP’s are even praising the fans violence – this is such a bad look for football, and the Russians are an absolute disgrace on all sporting fronts.
    I am really worried that their fans actions are only going to escalate, especially as the team appears as though they are going to be knocked out at the group stages – those idiotic fans are going to be unbearable.
    Let’s hope they sling out the team and their fans before someone gets killed.

  2. This is crazy. I mean like what the heck. Why the violence? I don’t think I have come across any news of rift between both governments lately. So what’s this all about. Its really annoying…

  3. Why the website doesn’t show also the english hoolingans and germans that destroyed part of france with the russians friends???


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