Romania vs Switzerland – Highlights

Romania vs Switzerland
Romania vs Switzerland Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 15 June 2016
Stadium: Parc des Princes (Paris)
Referee: S. Karasev
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  1. I agree with Edward. The UEFA greed corrupt mafia have expanded this competition so much that half of the teams are complete rubbish & shouldn’t be there. Tom & Lucas have got no comeback to this fact because they are deluded little console kiddies.

  2. Just wait until one of these rubbish teams upset a big team, then you’ll eat your words. It happened with Greece at Euro 04 and Russia at Euro 08. I bet you and Edward thought Leicester City was also a rubbish team

  3. “useless teams like these two”- switzerland have a lot of good players ex: their RB Stephen Lichtsteiner (juventus) LB Ricardo Rodriguez(wolfsburg), good goalkeeper in Sommer, midfield-Granit Xhaka (arsenal), Shaqiri. They also have a decent attack,
    Embolo ( young and promising) and Mehmedi.

    ps: im not swiss


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