Olivier Giroud caught flirting with Camille Sold, Morgan Schneiderlin’s girlfriend [Video]

Olivier Giroud caught flirting with Camille Sold, Morgan Schneiderlin's girlfriend [Video]

The hosts of Euro 2016, France, defeated Albania with a 2-0 score on Wednesday evening, thus winning twice in their opening two game.

However, the result could have been even more emphatic if it wasn’t for Olivier Giroud’s misses in front of foal. The Arsenal forward started the match and had plenty of opportunities to score, but due to his inability to do that, he was substituted in the second-half. Nevertheless, Giroud didn’t seem too unhappy about that.

After the end of the game, the attacker was caught on camera talking with a girl in the crowd in what at first looked like an attempt to score off the pitch. However, it was later revealed that the girl Giroud was exchanging waves with is Morgan Schneiderlin’s fiancée, Camille Sold. Whether the Arsenal player was really trying to flirt or not with Camille is probably a question we will never get an answer to.


  1. He did nothing except saying hello to an acquaintance like 100% of us would have done. Is it forbidden to smile and talk to a girl you know … Just another shitty polemic to try to affect France or Giroud..

  2. France is the country of love, and this one just Salut! between tow french people. in france we dont interesting Trump’s shit now is all over internet websites


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