Three Spain tourists attacked by Russian fans in Cologne

Three Spain tourists attacked by Russian fans in Cologne

Football-wise the Euro 2016 tournament has been pretty exciting until now, with plentiful of last moment goals and comebacks. However, it has been filled with a lot of violence as well.

Since the beginning of the Euro, Russian hooligans have caused constant distress, as they have produced a number of shameful incidents and fights in a couple of cities in France. Moreover, despite UEFA’s warning that the Russia national squad could be disqualified from the tournament, the aggressive fans have not stopped causing trouble.

The latest incident happened outside of France, with a bunch of Russian hooligans attacking absolutely innocent Spanish tourists in Cologne. The reports are that three people have been hurt, with one of them suffering severe injuries. The incident happened outside the territory of France and thus UEFA can’t do absolutely anything about it.

It’s a shame that such events have happened, but hopefully there will be no more violence from now on.


  1. Uefa couldn’t have done anything if it happened on the streets in France either. Hooliganism is only actionable by Uefa if it occurs inside the stadium.

    • UEFA could do something about .. the Fan and there Team should got kick out of The Tournament … for good and ban for couple of years for them to learn the lesson so there country to train there Fan not do be so stupid anymore

    • And you’d be wrong. WE all but stamped it out many many years ago. That doesn’t mean that we are not prone to provocation, but so is any nation. Football hooliganism as a problem in our past.

        • No, it’s correct. Minor issues, sure, but it used to be a major problem in England and with English fans in general, but it is not any more due to strong response by the English FA and law enforcement.

  2. As an English person I have to apologise to other Europeans – unfortunately when England play abroad all the hooligans travel to have a fight. They are tightly controlled in England so they wait for England matches in other countries close-by like France and then take the opportunity to have fights – they are too scared to do it in England as the police control the country, but in places with disorganised police like france it is easy for them.

    Most real English football fans support their own league club, but the national team not so much. England football fans tend to be people who do not follow football the rest of the year – the hooligans. I would not be surprised if UEFA kicked England out, I would not be sad either – I am ashamed of the drunken hooligan English fans.

  3. Both England and Russia took part in the Euros in Poland and Ukraine four years ago, yet there was very little trouble. So why is it so much worse this time? To me it’s pretty clear. There’s a political agenda behind the violence that’s occurring at the moment.

    For Russia, this is retaliation for the ban on their Olympic athletes and general clamp down on their drug cheats. The group of “hooligans” that attacked the English fans in the stadium towards the end of their match, were well trained and organised. Furthermore, Russian government ministers applauded their actions.

    For England, we just need to look at the upcoming referendum. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the referendum was scheduled to take place in the middle of the most important European sporting event. Cameron obviously thought that it would boost the remain campaigns chances. To counter this, you can be sure the far right in Britain have recruited their best and brightest for a trip to the Euros in France. If England don’t do well in the competition, images of French riot police dealing with Brits draped in union jacks will probably be enough to swing an already tight vote in favour of the leave campaign.

    So how do you deal with this situation? Well in theory it’s simple. These people are politically motivated or at least politically backed and they are in France solely to disrupt society. By that definition they are not hooligans but terrorists. Instead of deportation and minimal jail sentences, they should be tried as terrorists under the same rigour as those responsible for the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Will that happen? Not a chance! We all know terrorists don’t come from Britain or Russia!!

  4. Ivor you must be drunk when you say this right .. Russian is bad doesn’t matter where they go. England had there moments but they don’t do why to be shame of there country . Fight for English men have to start some were first . here my Point .. over the year Russia is Fan is the dirty fan of all Spain German Italy then England .. for those who fight or cost Trouble is not a football lover it just a dumb ass that all …


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