Twitter reactions after the England – Wales game

Twitter reactions after the England - Wales game

England versus Wales was one of the most exciting games of the Euro 2016 so far, as the winner was decided in the last minute of injury time.

The lead in the game was taken by Wales, as Gareth Bale was able to once again score from a free-kick in the first-half, even though Joe Hart could have easily saved his shot. The 1-0 score put England in a pretty bad position, as in the case of a loss, the Three Lions would have had just a point entering the third and last round of the group stage.

However, as the second-half began, Roy Hodgson had made two changes, which eventually saved the day. The inclusion of Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge proved to be more than crucial, as both of them scored one goal apiece, in the 56th and 92nd minute respectfully.

Moreover, it should be noted that today’s comeback is the first time England has won a game at an international tournament after being down at half-time.


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