Mexico vs Chile – Highlights & Full Match

Mexico vs Chile
Mexico vs Chile Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Copa America
Date: 19 June 2016
Stadium: Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara, California)

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  1. Such a sad end of what has been a promising tournament from Mexicans. They played against the best sides of South America and has played very good until they ultimate demise against Chileans.
    I hope they get back from this embarrassing defeat.

  2. I think they payed Mexico to lose because to not even score one goal is very unlikely for a team. even for Mexico!!! I just hope they get Mexico gets revenge on chile !!

  3. Hahahaha I find it hilarious how all Concacaf teams think they’re in the level of Conmebol. Get it in your heads, you are nothing when compared to Europe and South America. You are nothing ! Mexico is crap, the U.S. is too. So media please, don’t over rate these teams, they will continue to disappoint because they’re simple not on our level. I am German and I approve this message.

    Chile, thank you for embarrassing the Mexicans. Someone had to put them in check.


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