Iceland vs Austria – Highlights

Iceland vs Austria
Iceland vs Austria Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 22 June 2016
Stadium: Stade de France (Paris)
Referee: S. Marciniak
Find official highlights for this game here:

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  1. Yes not good commentary. That woman is trying to be too technical. She try a balance of poetry and technical. Maybe it’s her first time. We’ll done for Iceland and to Republic of Ireland and Wales for going through

  2. I thought whatever she was perfectly fine, just lacking a bit of enthusiasm. But the guy had so many chances to be corny clever…

    “Dragovich takes the penalty… and he DRAGS it wide!”

    “Christiano Ronaldo said they (Iceland) were going nowhere…. and they are going nowhere! They’re through to the next round!”

  3. Historic day for the “underdogs”, Iceland and Republic of Ireland!!! Hope they will have victories in the Round of 16!!!


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