Ex-England manager Roy Hodgson has a terrible last press-conference [Video]

Ex-England manager Roy Hodgson has a terrible last press-conference [Video]

It was not too surprising to see Roy Hodgson resign from his post as manager of the English national squad after his team lost miserably to Iceland in the round of 16 at the Euro 2016. However, his last press-conference a bit shocking.

Hodgson started the entire thing with initially saying that he has no idea what he is doing there and that someone simply told him that it is important. That’s definitely not the perfect way to start a press-conference, but it seems that the ex-Liverpool manager still had not recovered fully from England’s premature exit.

Watch the video below, which features Hodgson talk about the feelings after the loss.


  1. England are over hyped. Hodgson has never been a great manager. Average at best. He’s completely to blame. Sit’s around half a year in some plush London office doing jack all attending fundraisers etc. Then for 2 months of the year where he actually has to work, turns out to be a flop! No good saying ‘oops sorry got the tactics wrong’ -Muppet!

  2. Ok! It’s done! You’re out! But as a huge admirer of the England national team, with some world class talent in your squad, the question now is: Who would be the manager to get England to quarterfinals (and beyond) at the World Cup? As the country who gave the world this “Beautiful Game”, I’d really like to see England do well! It’s obvious to everyone that you have the talent, but who’d be your tactician?

  3. “Harry Kane on corners in the first game, the list is endless. From start to finish has been pretty hopeless. “We think our Premier League is one of the best in the world for talent, it’s not. We’re totally and utterly reliant on foreign players and foreign managers for this excitement.”


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