Martin Glenn, the FA Chief Executive admits he is not a “football expert” after Iceland loss [Video]

Martin Glenn, the FA Chief Executive admits he is not a "football expert" after Iceland loss [Video]

The FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn made a pretty shameful statement on Tuesday, as while in a press-conference he said that he is not a “football expert”. It’s a bit hard to believe it, but yes, the person that is more or less managing the English FA has stated that he is not an expert in what he is doing.

The chief executive admitted his lack of knowledge in football when he was referring to the atmosphere in the locker room of the English national squad after they suffered the defeat from Iceland. It’s definitely a weird thing to say, especially after everyone is expecting some kind of light of hope that things could change for the better.

If you don’t believe it, just watch the press-conference in the video below.


  1. France is passing a strong message to England that choosing a good Coach is the key to success. Unfortunately, England players are very good combination from premium league but the Coach fail them, he wasn’t the man for the job


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