BBC Match of the Day – Euro 2016 – 30th June | Full Show



    • That is not the idea 🙁 If you read this please tell me your location browser and device and we’ll talk with the player support. Tell me also if the problem is with or without adblock enabled and any extra info you can give like when this problem started for you. Thanks

    • the ads just will not load. cant even start the video. im all for ads to keep the website going but if they wont even load! any chance of paying a subscription to get an ad free experience? I would totally pay!

      • Please Ed, let me know if the problem is only with firefox or chrome or both. Tell me also your location, device and when did you started having that problem. Thanks

  1. Same as everyone else I think this could be a big blow to the site, many people I have contacted are having problems with the new adds within the last few days. I have tried every way to watch adblock on and off incognito different different ips from different countries proxy servers vpns you name it i have tried it. Nothing works, it’s a great loss as I found this to be the best site around even if i had to put up with the adds.

  2. 5 mins in and first ad
    Just get spinning arrows cog wheel
    then ! in the middle of scrren.
    Using win 10 edge browser.

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