Poland vs Portugal – Highlights & Full Match

Poland vs Portugal
Poland vs Portugal Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 30 June 2016
Stadium: Stade VĂ©lodrome (Marseille)
Referee: F. Brych
Find official highlights for this game here:


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  1. The ‘1st half ENG’ and ‘2nd half ENG’ links are not working. Please let me know when this issue has been resolved. Thank you for all the hard work, by far my favorite footballing site

  2. Might I suggest to keep penalties in a separate tab? Otherwise, once you play it and look at the length, you know there’s gonna be penalties and extra time is not so interesting any more.

  3. What a bunch of fucking loser comments and what kind off idiot gives away the score???? this is the best football site thats out there.
    To the makers of this site: keep up the good work, many many many thanks from New Zealand

  4. Portugal are more dangerous now than ever. One may think they are not playing exciting football simply because CR7 is not running the show, but believe you me, this Portuguese side is the most formidable because it does not rely on individual skill. They are all playing as a team. An interesting thing is that CR7 seems to have realized the importance of playing as a team and that is why they are still in the contest today. I have a feeling that this Portugal team may pull a surprise and win the final. While CR7 may have had problems to score, his presence in the team has been the reason why they have reached this far and why I believe that they will take the trophy home to Lisbon. Opponents waste time closing space for CR7, leaving gap for others like Querisma, Sanchez and others to score. He has demonstrated maturity as captain as he has been encouraging his co to move forward. I must admit however, that it is hard to appreciate how CR7 has been in this tournament because many expect just too much from him. But we must always remember that this is international football and team work is more important than individual skill.


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