Eric Cantona announces his candidacy for becoming manager of England in a brilliant way [Video]

Eric Cantona announces his candidacy for manager of England in a brilliant way [Video]

The position of English national team manager has opened up after Roy Hodgson’s resignation following the Brits shameful exit at the Euro 2016. It’s been heavily debated who will be taking over, but no one has yet expressed strong desire to lead the Three Lions. Well, until now.

Eric Cantona has brilliantly declared his candidacy for becoming the manager of England with yet another hilarious video. The legendary Frenchman gives some pretty good reasons why he should be appointed, one of them being the fact that he was born in 1966, the only year England won the World Cup.

Watch the pledge below and remember, vote #CantoYes if you are impressed!


  1. “The Brits exit”?! This equation of Englishness with Britishness really has become a farce when a website declares “the Brits” to be out of the European Championships when a) there were two other British teams in the competition, and b) one of them, Wales (of course), are through to the semi-finals! Ridiculous!


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