France vs Iceland – Highlights & Full Match

France vs Iceland
France vs Iceland Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 3 July 2016
Stadium: Stade de France (Paris)
Referee: B. Kuipers
Find official highlights for this game here:

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    • it’s 30 secs ad. just wait n enjoy the service. Then if you have heap internet just blame yourself and your tight ass….

  1. Yea whats happening with these new ads that don’t load? Looks like I’ll have to go elsewhere for my football highlights. Which is a shame cos I’ve been using this site exclusively for like 6 months

  2. Thanks for your great service, all uploads are really appreciated. Please ignore ungrateful douchebags like Tom and Douche, unbelievable arseholes.

  3. Thanks for the ongoing service …. terrific job guys. But lately video seems to get stuck up at the adverts.

  4. It’s free you stupid fucks. I think you can figure out a way to be more respectful with your “feedback”.

  5. Tom, If you’re dumb enough to be visiting websites like this without Adblock, I fail to see how anyone should have sympathy for you.

  6. I dont have any problem, thanks for the service. This is the only website I can watch full highlights for every football game.

  7. great service but i get this 0:01 ads and it doesnt end, i love your services, can you find a way to fix it

  8. @Ruben
    I agree with you. High definition and smooth service with minimum amount of ads. Free from virus ads. Great service.

  9. thanks for the wank service. if you insist on ads then why not choose some that work. its a real pity because the website was so good an is now completely fucking shite

  10. Excellent service until after the last Wales game against Belgium, since then i just cannot get anything to play on any pc and in three different locations, all in Thailand by the way.

    Pity it was great while it lasted.

  11. works great for me, i love the highlight service here. thanks a lot!
    (for those with ad-loading problems: ever tried Ad-Block Plugins? )

  12. love the service, but this 0:1 ad never load therefore can’t watch the game anymore. Can someone please help? Thanks

  13. great site – if the advert is not loading it is YOUR internet connection. press pause allow the video to buffer and then you will be able to watch the highlights.

    The video is getting stuck in a mobius loop as the advert video is not getting enough bandwidth.

    Chill, let it buffer and enjoy.

    Unless you want to donate the full running costs to the website they need the ads to pay for it.


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