Internet reacts after Portugal – Wales Euro 2016 semi-final [Tweets]

Internet reacts after Portugal - Wales Euro 2016 semi-final [Tweets]

It was a pretty intense Euro 2016 semi-final between Portugal and Wales, with Cristiano Ronaldo and company finally coming out with a win after 90 minutes. The Portuguese managed to score twice in the first ten minutes of the second-half, while their opponents simply couldn’t manage to fight back.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani were able to find the back of the net for Portugal, as the Real Madrid player brilliantly headed a cross, while Valencia’s latest transfer deflected a shot inside the penalty box. On the other side, the absence of Aaron Ramsey was quite obvious, as Wales looked a lot more neutral than their previous match against Belgium.

In the end, the efforts of Gareth Bale weren’t enough, as the fast-paced winger did all he could and was all over the pitch for the entire match, but was not able to single handedly defeat Portugal.



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