Germany vs France – Highlights & Full Match

Germany vs France EURO 2016 Highlights Semi FInal
Germany vs France Highlights and Full Match
Competition: European Championship
Date: 7 July 2016
Stadium: Stade VĂ©lodrome (Marseille)
Referee: N. Rizzoli
Find official highlights for this game here:

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    • DIE MANNSCHAFT lost the match yesterday.That doesn”t mean they were bad.They actually tried their best in each and every aspect,attack,defence,goal keeping.It was just an unlucky game for GERMANY.They put everything they had without the top players.That’s the greatest thing about them…Sp,please think 1000 times before criticizing the best team in the world now.

  1. Who did France really play to get here, besides Germany? Of all the refs in the tournaments, you picked an Italian ref who’s country lost to Germany a few days ago, to ref against the host nation in the semi finals. Really, UEFA ??? What a weak penalty. France may have scored two lucky goals, but Germany was the far better team the entire game. All in all, the two team playing in the finals sucks. Lets see how good France is, when it comes to World Cup qualifications, since they were pretty much given a free reign into the EUROS, by virtue of being host nation.

  2. i want see the football semi final match 2016 please tell me the website….
    and tell me the website i want see live final football match…

  3. germans where way better in this game…they just got damn unlucky there. hummels gone…gomez gone…khedira gone… and later boateng gone (key players, but still they managed to control france entirely!) furthermore an italian referee (wtf come on!) and a penalty wich 50% of a referee class would be doubtful to give. all in all many chances for germany but they lacked the little luck to destroy france. i bet if germany scored in first half they would have wiped the frenchies….and then we wouldnt have portugal as winners of euro 2016 =)


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