Ireland coach Roy Keane gets trolled by Lee Dixon on ITV [Video]

Ireland coach Roy Keane gets trolled by Lee Dixon on ITV [Video]

Wales made a pretty surprising appearance at the semi-finals of the current edition of the Euro tournament, which was something almost no one expected and it’s quite easy to understand why it was such a hot topic in the last couple of days.

That is what Roy Keane, Craig Bellamy, Ryan Giggs and Lee Dixon talked about on ITV on Wednesday evening. Seeing Keane among those people was a bit surprising, given that his team had recently exited the tournament and also the fact that he always looks quite unhappy to actually be on television.

Moreover, in the video below, around a minute after its start it can be seen how Lee Dixon trolls Keane by asking him whether or not he’s jealous of Wales’ success. Usually that would be just another simple joke, but when you try it on the ex-Manchester United player there is a high possibility that trouble will arise. Nevertheless, Keane’s answer was surprisingly calm.


  1. didn’t see any ‘troll’ ing there. Stop reading between the lines. These are top paid professionals. They ain’t got time for pub games.


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