Twitter reactions to Germany – France Euro 2016 semi-final

Twitter reactions to Germany - France Euro 2016 semi-final

Both Germany and France were deserving to be playing in the Euro 2016 final, but unfortunately as the two teams met in the semi-finals of the tournament, only one was going to have that opportunity. In the end, the squad that will face Portugal on 10th July will be France.

The game started with a slight advantage for Germany, with the 2014 World Cup winners looking like the more dangerous team in the first-half. Nevertheless, a mistake by Bastian Schweinsteiger in the 45th minute led to a penalty, which was calmly scored by Antoine Griezmann.

About ten minutes later, the Atletico Madrid forward stroke again, as the defense of Germany made a collective mistake which led to a scramble in the penalty box in front of Neuer and a second-goal for France. Joakim Low’s men tried as hard as possible to find the back the back of the net, but their efforts did not materialize.


  1. I am happy for France, and let them win this final. Portugal they are just do wrestling but they will play final. The football team shall win in front of wrestling team


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