Thierry Henry laughs at Giroud due to his lack of pace [Video]

Olivier Giroud gets laughed at by Thierry Henry due to his lack of pace [Video]

France were able to get a pretty spectacular win on Thursday, as they defeated Germany with a 2-0 score in one of the semi-finals of the Euro 2016. However, their victory could have been even more emphatic if it wasn’t for some big misses made by the Frenchmen.

One of the biggest flop in front of goal was by Olivier Giroud, as the Arsenal striker had an unbelievably good opportunity to score after he received a magnificent through ball and all that he had to do was get closer to the goal and shoot the ball. Nevertheless, the striker’s lack of pace was exposed, as Benedikt Howedes managed to reach and tackle him, despite an advantage of at least 10 yards at first.

The flop by Giroud didn’t go unnoticed by his compatriot Thierry Henry, with the ex-Arsenal star loudly laughing at Olivier and his lack of speed.


  1. When Howedes recovered to tackle Giroud I laughed out loud for a full minute. He is so terribly slow and I’ve just seen it so many times at Arsenal. All I (and Thierry) can do is laugh.


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