Wesley Sneijder receives a £2 million fine from Galatasaray for a pretty bizarre reason

Wesley Sneijder receives a £2 million fine from Galatasaray for the a pretty bizarre reason

Wesley Sneijder has never been known of being of what you would call a football hot-head – it’s not like the Dutch midfielder does get booked from time to time, but usually he looks pretty calm on the pitch. Nevertheless, his current club has decided to fine him in regards to the yellow cards he received throughout the season.

The fine that Sneijder will have to pay is 1.96 million euros for 11 yellow cards, which makes it 178 000 euros per booking. It’s definitely a bit harsh, especially given the fact that the Dutch has been arguably the club’s best player throughout the campaign. Some even the fine as an action taken by the club in order to force the midfielder out of the team.

However, the fact that Galatasaray did this to Sneijder has sparked protests among the fans of the club, who supported their legend publicly, showing their anger in front of the team’s headquarters.


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